$$ Dollar Monte by John Kennedy

After a long absence, we are proud to bring back to the magic fraternity one of the best table hopping effects ever!

It's a Three Card Monte, two Jokers and a Queen of hearts, with a jaw dropping climax that will leave your audience amazed!!

Effect: You explain that you were in New York and someone asked if you wanted to play Three Card Monte.  He gives you three chances for your bet to find the Queen of Hearts....  Not the top card, not the bottom card and then the Queen vanishes.  He grabs the dollar (included) but you tell him to wait, the Queen has disappeared.  He answers "the Queen is right here, it's your money that's disappeared".  (Dollar bill magically changes to the Queen) It's truly a "worker".  And, best of all there are no difficult sleights to learn... it's almost self working!

Complete with all cards, instructions and suggested patter.


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