Introducing UNI-VERSE - A hand crafted deck that takes the sleights out of "forcing" a card, "locating" a freely selected card, "preserving" a stack or "producing" the Aces. This multi-purpose utility deck does it all.

Easy to master in minutes. UNI-Verse can be overhand or Hindu shuffled and will enable you to concentrate on the revelations or presentation of your effects without worrying about "kuckle-busting" moves. No duplicates or specially treated cards.

The deck does the work. Imagine having your spectator cutting to his or her own force card, or revealing the selection. Nine great effects included in the instruction booklet to help you get the feel of the deck and what it can do. Includes a "torn and restored" card revelation, "poker deal", the "Hoy" effect and several more, plus a great "deck switch" you can use with any deck.


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