Laws Of Order by Dan Tong

Now Available with Phoenix Cards!
You know the quality of the cards and the readability of the markings.

With this one deck, thirteen different tricks can be performed.  One of the effects is an unbelievable ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number) effect.

A spectator is asked to mentally select any number from 5 to 45. A second spectator selects a card from a shuffled deck, remembers it and returns it to the deck. The performer spreads the deck, face down, on the table. He then removes two face down cards from the spread. Somehow, as if by magic, one of the cards represents the suit of the selected card and the other card represents the value.

The mentally selected number is now revealed by the first spectator and, with deck in hand, the magician cleanly and fairly counts that number of cards face up to the table. The selected card is at that number.

No difficult slights... the deck does it all!

Special Bonus: Twelve (12) additional routines provided as a downloadable pdf.


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