Triple Intuition by Dani daOrtiz

Posted By: Jim Hall In: Card Magic On: Wednesday, November 18, 2015 Comment: 0 Hit: 2160

This is a card effect or routine of card effects done with a special deck of cards. Included with the deck is a DVD showing Mr. daOrtiz and three helpers demonstrating the effects.

The Classic Triple Intuition, as described in the directions, has the three spectators choose three cards. They remember these cards and, in a progressively clean and miraculous manner, each person is capable of finding their own card, thanks only to the ability of their intuition.

The deck basically does the work for you. Mr. daOrtiz knows how to handle the deck and you must learn how to handle it as well. The handling is simple, direct, fun and playful. This is not a trick do be presented simply after reading the directions, which no one should do at anytime. You will need to become comfortable with the deck, which should really only take an hour or so, and then the time to work on presentation.

All three effects, “Triple Intuition,” “Thought of Intuition,” and “Intuition at a Number” are very entertaining and will fool your audience. Each effect is different, but the spectator always ends up with their chosen card.

The deck is a Bicycle deck and the DVD is well done, giving you a full view of the effects. The only problem that I had was with the DVD itself. With most DVDs you get a complete performance and then the explanation. All that is on this DVD is the performance. The three effects are shown and then a black screen appears. You are given information on how to print out the directions (pdf).  I printed out the 12 pages and the instructions cover the details and workings of the effects. I would have preferred seeing a live demo explanation on the DVD, but I do understand that Dani wanted you to "get it right" and that he is sometimes a little difficult to understand because English is not his native language.

All in all, very entertaining routines that will be used by the right performer who wants to put the time into learning the effects. I certainly would give this one a closer look. I consider it a WORKER!


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